Our legal department offers legal counsel on the following matters:


This line of services include any disputes following the specialized legal areas: Civil Law, Commerce Law, Tax Law, Administrative Law; Environmental disputes, Intellectual Property disputes, Official Mexican Standards (NOM) disputes, Consumer Protection disputes, others.

Also, we offer our clients legal counsel on the constitutionality of laws (Juicio de Amparo) and appeals thru different stages, where the judicial branch decides over the enforcement of any law or disputes arising from federal or local laws, administrative acts or ruling from federal or local authorities.


Services in corporate and regulatory compliance, corporate structure design and management, incorporation of legal entities and maintenance services including daily operations and agreements. Additionally, we provide legal counsel in the negotiation of commercial agreements and shareholders’ agreements.


Services focused in trademarks, patents and copyrights, including distinctive signs, trade and commercial secrets, franchising, licensing, copyright and related rights, digital media, pharmaceutical law, domain names, internet, information and communications technology and litigation.


We support our clients in the process of obtaining, regularizing, renewing or changing the status of visas and permits interfacing with consulates, embassies and migratory authorities, monitoring the progress of applications and coordinating all paperwork related to procedures. Tracking of visa expiration dates are included.

Other related services include: naturalization, duplication and cancellation of visas, auditing the status of foreign employees, consular visas through foreign consulates, apostille, certifications of official documents, legalizations of official documents, police records, notarizations of official documents by Notary public and translations.